About Us

Makeup Artists with one goal. Makeup Artists with one vision. Makeup Artists with one idea to expand into the art of makeup: to study, design, research, create, re-create, test, teach, practice, and observe. The power of makeup artistry introduces one experiment: themakeupLAB.

The Makeup Lab provides makeup artistry in any form. We begin with the love of makeup and we end with the art of makeup. Our theory on makeup is that there is no theory. We create not debate, there is no right or wrong, we identify the opportunities and find out where your inner makeup hides. We create solutions. And at the end of the day, we smile because it just feels right.

The Makeup Lab is a creative outlet that allows artists to share and provide services, knowledge, makeup tips and techniques to anyone who is willing to learn. You are our canvas. We are the brand. Our brand is developed from our talent. Our talent is a chemical mixture. Our chemistry was developed from the love of makeup. Then themakeupLAB was born.