Pro Makeup Artistry

Makeup artistry is an on-going learning process…trends change, people change, and the industry changes. Thus, it is important to perfect your craft with continuous education. The Makeup Lab Artistry is committed to sharing our creativity and love for the art of makeup. Therefore, we want to encourage, educate and unite a community of beauty professionals. Along with our experience, we want to guide and inspire you on your journey to getting to the next level.

We have organized a series workshops and events that will be beneficial to your career. Our workshops are designed to guide aspiring makeup artists as well as serve as a creative influence for the more experienced artists. We want to connect with makeup artists in the Louisiana market as well as others that find a source of inspiration from what we do.

Our workshops are planned and facilitated by the artists of The Makeup Lab Artistry. We also host events presented by other industry professionals who will demonstrate their expertise and share their knowledge. Therefore, we invite you to become a part of our culture of advancing your career.


This is a two hour, one-on-one makeup session with an artist from The Makeup Lab Artistry guiding you on a makeup application. This is a private session for you to have free range on what and how you’d like be trained. Therefore, the topic for discussion is determined by you. We suggest that you bring a model to use as a canvas for you to perform your makeup demonstration. As a team, we will do your model’s makeup together. Our artist will apply makeup on one side of your model’s face and you will do the other side. Your makeup mentor will explain in detail each step throughout the entire makeup process. This workshop is recommended for those who have taken Pro Artist Basics and/or to learn more advanced skills. The attendees can apply what they know or what they’ve learned by practicing with this hands-on approach. The experienced artist that may want to experiment different techniques will also benefit from this lesson. This session can be schedule at any time.


These are helpful tools and resources to utilize throughout your career. They include people that we love and sites where we find our source of inspiration. Also, we provided a list of companies that offer discounts to professional makeup artists. They each have requirements for proof of profession. Therefore, be sure to provide the correct credentials in order to apply for their professional discount programs.